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"Barbara was very knowledgeable about of every aspect of selling the property, very pleasant, nice and accommodating. She was very involved throughout the whole process, made the transition as easy as possible. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to sell and buy a property."



"If you want someone who knows and loves what they are doing and truly works to get you the home that you want, Barbara Burdick is the realtor for you! We have been happily living in our home for 2 years now!"


After having worked 17 years in marketing in the oil industry, Barbara dedicated her attention to her family while her children were young.  During this time she worked many volunteer positions within Jenks Schools, Cascia Hall Preparatory School, Metro Christian Academy, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of America, United Way and Asbury UMC. Today Barbara brings her own uniqueness to the real estate industry.  She’ll tell you no one will work harder for you than she.  Adept in handling all aspects of a real estate transaction her professionalism is demonstrated time and time again in her meticulous approach to detail, perspective, and finding the right solutions to every situation.​ 

“For as long as I can remember, I have always loved Real Estate. When the kids would ask me what I wanted to do for Mother’s Day – It was always Let’s go look at open houses! With my commitment of volunteering and helping people, the choice was clear - becoming a Realtor was the perfect fit.” No one says it better than Barbara, “It’s not about the deals; it’s about watching out for the people, their families, their pets, and their home; that’s what’s important in being a good Realtor to me.”

​"Let's go look at open houses!"

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Barbara Burdick
  • Are you thinking about selling your home?
  • When is the best time to put it on the market? 
  • What is the market in your area?
  • What works to get a home sold?
  • What are possible Red Flags during the inspection process?

There is one thing I do best and that's get my listings sold.  I've yet to have one that hasn't sold! My strong suit is selling homes not building inventory.  If you're just another listing for someone what good is that going to do you - none!


At our initial meeting we will go over a few items to get you headed in the right direction.  For some, it might take a couple of weeks but for others it could take a month or a year; no matter what your time frame I can help get you there.


I return all calls the same day (9am-8pm), so don't wait - Call Now.  918-633-1670